Friday, 3 November 2017

DOL-Y-MOCH HERE WE COME!,+Palermo+Avenue,+Coventry/Plas+Dol-y-Moch+OEC,+Maentwrog,+Blaenau+Ffestiniog,+Blaenau+Ffestiniog+LL41+3YT/@52.8595767,-3.8530421,8z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x48774a48f28c3a99:0x1a4d22fe5cfd6921!2m2!1d-1.5025141!2d52.3851681!1m5!1m1!1s0x48657331fa21828b:0x557652f4c18f98c2!2m2!1d-3.9604425!2d52.9582559?dcr=0

Click on the map above to go to google maps and look at our route to Dol-y-Moch.  Drop the little man on the road to have a look at the road to the house. 

(For parents and children)

Please answer these questions by writing a comment on the blog:

1. What are you most looking forward to next week?

2. How are you feeling at the moment?


  1. 1 Playing football at dol-y-moch (sandeep)
    2 Nervous

  2. 1.The things I am looking forward to, is the tuck shop and looking in the stables and sleeping in them aswell.
    2.I am feeling scared and worried I will be home sick in doly-moch [Ruby yr6]

  3. 1)I am most looking forward to the activities
    2)Exited because i want to just do the activities now
    1)piece and quiet
    2)exited and nervous

  4. I am looking forward to go inside a mine and do orientiring .

    I am feeling nervous,exited and a little bit worried.[Aneesa]

    i am looking forward to hearing about all the fun Aneesa had at DOL-Y-MOCH!!!!!!!!!

    i am feeling exited to hear Aneesa's fear of heights disappeared, going to miss you lots xxxx [mum]

  5. Hearing all about Ruby’s and year 6 adventures.
    Missing Ruby. Tracy Cotton

  6. 1)I am looking forward to go to my bedrooms.
    2)I am excited, nervous. (Lea)
    1)I am looking to play football.
    2)I am excited (Robert)
    1)I am looking for Robert and lea having fun.
    2)I am excited to hear Robert and Lea having lots of fun at DOL-Y-MOCH!!!! (Robert and lea dad)

  7. 1. I am looking forward to hearing about all the fun that the children are having.

    2. I am feeling sad as Queeva is going to be away from home for a week and I will miss her lots.

    ( Gareth Queeva’s Dad )

    1. I’m most looking forward to everything !!!

    2. I’m very exited to go DOL-Y MOCH���� (Queeva)

  8. 1)I am looking forward to go to my bedrooms.
    1)I am looking to play football. (Ahmed)

  9. Addison says he is looking forward to the water activities the most. Addison is a bit worried about what food there will be (he is so fussy).

    I am looking forward to seeing all the fun things that you will be doing and think it’s great for their independence and life skills.

  10. 1) I'm most looking forward to climbing the mountain.
    2)I'm very nervous and excited to go to DOL-Y MOCH.

    (Tanisha Rhiane's mum)
    1) I'm most excited for Rhiane to have this amazing experience
    2)We are going to miss her a lot at home.

  11. 1.i am looking forward to te activates very excited because its going to be lots of fun(loreta) are very excited to hear what fun loreta has had
    2.i am going to miss loreta lots xxx(Loreta's mum)

  12. 1) I am most looking forward to going up the mountain,
    2) I am feeling very very very excited (Jake)

    1) I know that Jake will have a fantastic experience at Dol-Y-Moch.
    2) I think it will be strange and very quiet at home without Jake. (Lorraine, Jake's Mum)

    1) When I went I really liked it so i'm sure Jake will.
    2] It will be nice and quite without Jake so I can get some peace. (Eve, Jake's amazing sister.)

  13. Lucy:
    1. I'm looking forward to the activities.
    2. I'm feeling excited.
    Lucy's parents:
    1. Blog updates :)
    2. Envious.

  14. 1. I am nervous and excited to go to doly-much because I will miss my mum and happy because I will have so much fun (Leah)

    2. I am feeling scared and EXCITED!

  15. 1 - I am looking forward to everything
    2 - I am feeling scared but excited at the same time (Libby)

    1 - hoping that Libby has a good time and enjoys all the activities
    2 - we will miss Libby a lot , the house will be quiet without her. (Leon , Libbys dad)
    I am looking forward to the peace and quiet (Beau, Libbys cat)

  16. Nathan
    1. I am most looking forward to climbing and abseiling
    2. I am feeling nervous and excited

    Nathan's Mum and Dad
    1. We are looking forward to hearing about all the fun and adventures which Nathan will have, but not the washing when he comes home.
    2. We will miss Nathan

    I hope Nathan has a great time, and I am feeling happy and sad.

  17. I am looking forward to having fun (POPPY)

    I am feeling happy and nervous (poppy)

  18. 1 we are looking forward to seeing what leah gets up to and we hope she lends a hand like she does at home (Leahs mum and dad )

    2 we will miss leah so much she is my princess and always there to lend a hand it will be so quiet without her love you so much leah x

  19. Hi Jakey-Pops I'm a bit early to comment but I hope you have loads of fun and just wing it because when you do it you'll be brilliants. From Eve x [Jake's sister]

  20. Missing maya already x and Lexi and Libby on face time lol x

  21. Have fun year 6, make lots of memories & most of all stay safe.

    Miss Grant

  22. Good to see you have all settled in so nicely, have a nice time
    From leanne

  23. I hope you have a lovely time!!