Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Our Adventures so far...

Niamh: Guess what mum...I ate a fish cake! I also have improved on my map work.

Pele: Hi mum and dad, I'm missing you loads and I've had a great time so far spending time with my friends.

Hannah: Hi dad, today I've been in the labyrinth and I'm great at cracking codes.

Ethan: Hi mum and dad, I'm having so much fun.  We saw a pod of dolphins today jumping out of the water! I've really enjoyed everything so far like you said I would.

Eve: I have really enjoyed the orienteering - especially when I fell into the puddle and had to get changed in the middle of a field! 

Alex: Hi dad and mum! I've been having an amazing time so far.  I really enjoyed the view - the scenery was stunning and I want to live here! 

Sharla: Hi mum and dad! Today I did canoeing and on the beach we saw a giant dead jelly fish. 😷

Gurveer: Hi daddy and mummy, I've enjoyed the days that I've been here because the activities are lots of fun and I learnt how to use maps properly.

Rihanna: Hi mum and dad.  I'm having a great time so far. Today I had fun doing the orienteering and I'm looking forward to the rest of the week.  I'm climbing a mountain tomorrow.  Then the day after I'm planning on pushing Mrs Townsend into the this space...

Jessica: I liked the canoeing on the river.  I liked splashing Matt and Theo was splashing me a lot! The water went into my mouth. At lunch I needed the toilet and had a triple W (Wild Welsh Wee) behind a tree! 

Coragh: Hi mum and dad.  I've had a great time so far.  I can't believe we saw dolphins in the wild.  Also, we were sent on a walk in groups on our own and we didn't get lost. 

Sean: The sights are amazing here.  I have been doing parkour on the beach and through fields today. This obviously means that I have fallen in quite a few boggy puddles.  My clothes are filthy and definitely need washing - sorry mum you are not going to enjoy opening my bags when I get home!

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  1. Great to hear from you Pele. Keep having fun. Miss you love mum xxx

  2. I'm glad to hear you are all enjoying yourselves. Watch out Mrs Townsend I think you might be getting very wet!
    Miss Cooke

  3. Good to hear from you Gurveer. Have fun and take care. Miss u mum and dad.

  4. Hi Rooboo (Rihanna )sounds like lots of fun great to hear u r enjoying it,good luck with Mrs Townsend lol lots of love dad, mum and Jessie xxx

    1. She'll need it! I'm not going to make it easy for her...

      Mrs T

  5. Hehe trust you to fall over Eve! It's quiet here without you, especially at dinner time when you normally would be there chatting away! Glad you're having fun, love you, Mum xx

  6. Hi Coragh sounds like your having a great time and I'm glad you haven't got lost �� Can't believe you saw dolphins �� In the wild I'm so jealous it must of been an amazing experience, hope you have a great time tomorrow doing your activities with your friends and look forward to hearing about it on tomorrows blog missing you loads �� Love Mum and Dad xxx

  7. Hi Theo, seen your pictures seem like you are having fun. Love mum

  8. To all the teachers that went to dol-y-moch Niamh has just arrived she has lived every moment thank u all for making her trip so enjoyable and memorable she is full of it Niamh's nan (Mandy) x