Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Beast

One chilly November day a few years ago I journeyed through the damp, humid forest searching for firewood. As I swung my axe towards a log, I heard a low rumble reverberate around the trees; looking for its source, I noticed something large and humanoid booming around.
Cautiously moving towards it, I noticed a giant, gleaming eye as big as a man resting in the middle of his grotesque face. My eyes travelling around the rest of his body, I noticed his reptilian skin and bird-like hands. Suddenly, his head snapped round and nearly spotted me, luckily I’d managed to step behind a tree in the nick of time.
But only just.
The next time I wasn’t so lucky, he had spotted my axe poking out from behind a tree, the chase was on!| Looking back at him, I tried to find a weak point, and I settled for the eye. The only problem was that I was on the floor and it was above the treetops. I formed a plan of attack. Climbing like I’d never climbed before, I scrambled to the top of the tree.
He was, of course, waiting for me and attempted to grab me from all directions! Ducking and dodging, swaying and swinging, I went in for the attack! I lunged over the deep abyss and swung my weapon with all my strength through its eye and into its brain. Leaving my axe lodged inside, I leapt back to the tree and, with all the speed I could muster, ran home.
When I returned, I found out that the beast I had slayed was a cyclops, a giant blacksmith with magical powers, and that only the greatest warriors could slay it! Also, upon my arrival at the location of the battle, the cadaver was gone and my axe lay, innocently on the muddy ground.
By Matthew Douse

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  1. Brilliant i love the description of the beast.